27 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips You Need Start Using Today

Want to stay forever young? We’ve got some amazing anti aging skin care tips and hacks designed to prevent wrinkles and look younger. Whether you’re over 40 or over 50 or even just in your 20s and 30s, these natural remedies and skin care diet ideas offer some of the best beauty hacks around. Continue reading “27 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips You Need Start Using Today”

36 Best Contouring Tips and Tutorials

Best Contouring Tips and Tutorials - Looking For The Best Contouring Tutorial, Kit or Products For Your Makeup Routine? You Have To See This Drugstore Bronzer, The Powder and Cream That These Tutorials Use To Show You How To Do Your Own Step By Step DIY Contouring At Home. Try A Different Palette Or Contouring Stick Today After Watching These Tutorials - thegoddess.com/contouring-tips-tutorials

Looking for some awesome contouring tips? Contouring seems to be every girls’ everyday-second-thing-to-do after of course, coffee. It actually is already a thing for the men too! Here we have some of the best hacks, tutorials and tricks to create your own personal contouring cheat sheet. From Powder and makeup tips to foundation guides for people with a round face or pale skin, we’ve got some of the best style guides around.  Continue reading “36 Best Contouring Tips and Tutorials”

41 Sephora Makeup Products To Try Today

Sephora Makeup Products To Try Today - These Are The Best Sephora Makeup Products, Cosmetics, And Make Up Ideas That You Need To Try Today. These Ideas Cover Eyes, Lipsticks, Foundation, Brush Sets and Eyes. They Work For Different Faces, And Cover Brush Set Ideas and Lip Balm As Well. Use These Products For Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, and Green Eyes Or For Blonde Hair Or Brunettes. Make Sure Your Eyebrows and Eyeliner Work Together! - thegoddess.com/sephora-makeup-products

Looking for some new make up tools to add to the arsenal? We put together a list of the best Sephora makeup products out there. From lipsticks and foundation, to an awesome brush set and lip balm, we’ve got tons of ideas for you. These cosmetics are great for different types of faces. Check em out.

Continue reading “41 Sephora Makeup Products To Try Today”

38 Makeup Ideas for Prom

Makeup Ideas For Prom - These Are The Best Makeup Ideas For Prom and Homecoming For Women With Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, or Green Eyes. These Step By Step Makeup Ideas Include Natural and Glitter Eyeshadows and Go Great With Gold, Silver, Yellow, And Pink Dresses. Try These And Our Step By Step Tutorials With Red Lipsticks and Unique Contouring To Help Blondes and Brunettes Get That Vintage Look. - thegoddess.com/makeup-ideas-prom

With the end of semester right around the corner, we’ve got some awesome makeup ideas for prom just for you. Whether you have blue eyes or brown, gold themed or silver, natural beauty or glitter like whoa, we have some ideas for you. Awesome eyeshadow guides for green and hazel eyes are here, as well as some awesome contouring tutorials for blondes. You obviously won’t be able to fit all of these in for prom, but no worries, you can save them for homecoming 😉 Continue reading “38 Makeup Ideas for Prom”

34 Matte Makeup Tutorials

Matte Makeup Tutorials - Awesome Foundation and Polish Tutorial Guides with Drugstore Product Recommendations For Oily Skin or for a Natural look. The Best Eyeshadow Looks for the Wedding or Prom - Great Ideas and Guides For Black Women as well - thegoddess.com/matte-makeup-tutorials

Searching for a hot new matte makeup look? Search no further! We’ve got some of the best matte makeup tutorials for foundation and eyeshadow products,  natural guides for oily skin, drugstore makeup that is perfect for the wedding or prom and a ton more. Check it out! Continue reading “34 Matte Makeup Tutorials”

The 48 Best Medium Length Hairstyles to Steal For Yourself

The 48 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles to Steal For Yourself - The Best Medium-Length Hairstyles and Haircuts For Thick Hair. These Tutorials Are For Women Looking For An Easy Undo or A Hair Style With Bangs Or With Layers. Check Out The Tutorials On Long Bobs Or For Curly and Fine Hair. These Medium-Length Hairstyles and Haircuts Will Work For Round Faces As Well. Try These If You Have Blonde Hair, Brunette Hair, Just Got Highlights Or A Balayage.

Looking for a new do? We’ve got some of the best new medium length hairstyles, whether you’re looking for an easy fix for thick hair or a quick updo for women with bangs, we’ve got some awesome tutorials for you. From awesome looks for fine and curly hair, to styles for teens for prom or for weddings, we’ve got the goods.  Continue reading “The 48 Best Medium Length Hairstyles to Steal For Yourself”

32 Best Tips for Clear Skin You Need To Be Following

Best Tips for Clear Skin You Need To Be Following - Check Out These Step By Step Tips and Tricks For Clear Skin. Are You Looking for Tips For Acne Scars or Home Remedies or Products For Beauty and Skincare? These Are The Best Ideas And Tutorials For How To Use Essential Oils, Facials, and Cleansers to Get Clear Skin. These Cover Blackheads, Acne Scars, And Big Pores and They Are All DIY - thegoddess.com/best-tips-clear-skin

Need a few tips for clear skin? How about some easy DIY home remedies and beauty hacks for those blackheads? Whether it’s a Youtube video for acne treatment or some overnight facials for teens, or even some natural skincare products that shrink pores we’ve got you covered. Let us know what you think in the comments! Continue reading “32 Best Tips for Clear Skin You Need To Be Following”

35 Best Face Cleansers

Best Face Cleansers - The Best Face Cleansers For Acne And For Dry Skin That You Can Find. Get These Cleansers At The Drugstore To Have A DIY Skincare Solution For Your Beauty Makeup. Some Of These Cleansers Are For Anti Aging And Some Of These Products Are Just For Makeup Cleanses, Others Are For Blackheads. For A Natural Cleanser, Try Coconut Oil For Facials. I Promise It Works! - thegoddess.com/best-face-cleansers-2017

If you’re looking for a solution for acne or for dry skin, sometimes finding the best face cleansers can be hard. That’s why we put together this awesome list of drugstore skincare products that help with anti aging. We’ve also got some DIY makeup hacks and cleanses that you need to try today. It works for blackheads, facials, and even some for hair color. Continue reading “35 Best Face Cleansers”

38 Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Summer

Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Summer - Simple and Easy Step By Step Tutorials for Light and Natural Makeup Looks - Youtube Videos with DIY Guides for Eyeshadow, Beach Waves, Foundation, Highlights, Eyebrows and All Sorts of Different Hair Styles - Check Out These Fun Make Up Tips Now! - thegoddess.com/makeup-tutorials-summer

It’s freezing now, but Summer is just around the corner and we’ve got some amazing makeup tutorials for Summer, handpicked just for you.  Step by step guides for everything from easy natural looks with different eyeshadows and eyebrows to super simple Youtube videos for beach waves and highlights. Looking for some awesome foundation that works great for brown eyes? Maybe some light make up or a new hair style for the beach? We’ve got you covered! Continue reading “38 Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Summer”

35 Best Makeup Tips For Asian Women

Makeup Tips For Asian Women - Simple Step By Step Tutorial and Guides for Everyday Beauty Looks - Natural Monolid Guides with Before And After Looks - Best Products for Contouring and Hooded Eye Looks, Looks for Prom or the Wedding and Tips for Cute and Dramatic Korean Styles - thegoddess.com/makeup-tips-asian-women

Makeup tips for Asian women can be tough to come by sometimes so we put together an amazing list of the hottest new looks. Whether it’s a monolid tutorial for the wedding or a more natural, simple look using some new products, or just some tips for contouring in a dramatic Korean style, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading “35 Best Makeup Tips For Asian Women”