38 Beauty Hacks for Teens

Beauty Hacks for Teens- Eye Makeup Tricks - DIY Makeup Tips and Hacks for Skin, Hairstyles, Acne, Bras and Everything in Between - Pictures and Video Tutorials for Girls of All Shapes and Sizes Whether You're Fit or Want to Lose Weight - Get in Shape for Summer with These Awesome Ideas - thegoddess.com/beauty-hacks-teens

Are you looking for the best beauty hacks for teens?  Whether you are more of a DIY girl or just looking for some new looks or makeup tutorials and tips that are getting attention at schools around the country, this is list has you covered.  Try the skin and makeup tutorials to help with acne and blemishes and check out the hairstyles that girls are using to make their fashion statement this year.  Some of these are step by step and some are more general in nature but see which ones work for you and can fit into your morning makeup routine.  Remember, beauty hacks are supposed to save you time so keep that in mind.

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34 Pretty Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Pretty Nail Art Ideas for Summer - Cool Easy DIY Nail Art and Nailart For Summer, For The Beach, With Designs And Colors Like Neon, Acrylic, French Nailart and Gel Ideas. These Are Step By Step, Easy, and Quick and Simple - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-ideas-for-summer

Looking for pretty nail art ideas for summer?  We have found some amazing DIY easy designs for nails and toenails for the Beach and parties this summer.  This list is very eclectic and covers every type of color from simple to neon and does plain and acrylic nails.  Try the nail art with flowers or the one with glitter nails.  These ideas are things you can do yourself and they are the best we can find for summer.  After you have done the easy nail art ideas, try some cute french tips or an ombre.  Whether you go with gel or acrylic, trying these are going to up your nail art game this summer! Continue reading “34 Pretty Nail Art Ideas for Summer”

41 Super Easy Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

Super Easy Nail Art Ideas for Beginners - Simple Step By Step DIY Tutorials And Pictures For Nailart. Ideas For Every Style, All Hair Colors, Sparkle, Valentines, And other Awesome Products To Make It DIY and Super Easy - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-ideas-beginners

Are you looking for some super easy nail art ideas for beginners?  Are you brand new to trying some intricate designs or nail art?  You’ve come to the right place.  We found 42 super easy nail art tutorials that will walk you through these ideas step by step.  Finding DIY nail art that works for you is a great time saver and money saver.  Some of the pictures below will give you great ideas for nailart that might give you some new ideas as well.   Try matching them up to your hair color or skin tone or your outfit for an event.

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41 Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks

Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks - Easy DIY Ideas, Tips, And Tutorials For Nail Art Hacks. Every Girl Needs To Try These Awesome Ideas For Glitter, That Go Great With Makeup That Is Simple And It Works. These Hacks Are Step By Step And Easy And Clever - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-hacks

Awesome nail art doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these easy DIY nail art hacks. Looking for that easy ombre? What about quick polka dots using only a bandaid? We’ve gathered the most awesome ideas, tips, and tutorials we could find. Simple makeup ideas for every girl. Continue reading “41 Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks”

41 Best Nail Art Ideas for Brides

Best Nail Art Ideas for Brides - Nude and Floral Nails - Simpe, Cute, DIY NailArt Tutorials That Are Step By Step For Brides. Everything From The Wedding Manicure To French Tips To Simple Sparkle and Bling For The Ring Finger. These Are Super Fun And Super Easy. - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-ideas-for-brides

Looking for the best wedding nails? You have probably seen our list of Wedding Nail Art but you don’t think we are done with it do you? When we did that list, we were sooo in love with the nail arts we wanted to show you more! And this time, we are giving you the BEST wedding nail art we found around the web!

So if you are prepping for your own wedding, you can find really great designs you can choose from this list and these wedding nail arts will surely blow your mind! Yes! It is another long list of creative nail arts from simple to grand ideas! We’ve got nail arts here that fits every type of nails; short, long, coffin – you name them, we got ’em! Are you excited! Let’s go!

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36 Wedding Nail Art Designs

Wedding Nail Art Designs - Beautiful And Classy Nailart and Nail Ideas for The Bride and The Bridesmaid that you will Love. These posts contain Ideas For French Manicures, Silver, Blue, Red, Pale Pink, Simple, And Sparkle Nail Ideas. There Are Step By Step Tutorials And Make For Awesome Bling For Weddings, Prom, Graduation, or any Event On The Town - https://www.thegoddess.com/wedding-nail-art-design

Looking for some amazing wedding nail art designs? Are you tying the knot real soon and looking to find the perfect nail art for that once in a lifetime day? Married, Single, Engaged or “It’s complicated” – whatever your status is, we girls know how powerful a wedding can be from its simplest to its most extravagant form. It makes us gush about it. Wedding plans, dress, hair, props, cards, venue, guests, etc. But of course, we can’t forget the nails! You can forget your high school best friend, just. not. your. nails! Continue reading “36 Wedding Nail Art Designs”

36 Super Simple 5 Minute Nail Art Ideas

5 Minute Nail Art Ideas - Easy And Classy Gel, Acrylic, And DIY Nail Art Ideas For Summer, For Winter, For Fall, And For Spring. Ideas For Teens, For Brides, For Weddings, For A Night Out With The Ladies, For Light Skin And Dark Skin Hands, And For Beginners And Experts - https://www.thegoddess.com/nail-art-ideas

Looking for some quick and easy DIY nail art ideas? Are you one of the millions who find it so difficult to set a time to pamper your nails and get a decent, relaxing mani at a parlor? I agree that sometimes when trying to get a good me-time at a salon, you worry about how it will take forever to get you done. But this does not mean you can’t get yourself a good mani at all! Because we got you a list of 5 minute nail art ideas you and your favorite gal in your favorite salon can do for you. Yes you read it right. 5 minutes is what it will take to get your nails glammed and gorge! Continue reading “36 Super Simple 5 Minute Nail Art Ideas”

42 Easy Nail Art Designs

Easy Nail Art Designs - Step By Step, Simple Tutorials For Beginners For Summer, Fall, Spring, and Winter. Ideas For Nailart For Kids, For Toes, DIY, And Classy Ring Finger Ideas With Glitter. Also Some Great Ideas For Flowers, Paint, Stripes, And Black Nails - https://www.thegoddess.com/easy-nail-art-design

Are you a nail art apprentice that’s looking for some sassy nail art to master? Oftentimes it’s hard to think of various styles you want to go with specially when you are tired and uninspired. To help you get some really cool inspiration, we got you a list of the really easy nail art designs you can do that will not require you to go to the moon and back and figure out your diverse style for yourself or clients.

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22 Best Beauty Tips for 2017

22 Best Beauty Tips for 2017 -The Best Ever Skincare and Makeup Tips for all different faces -Awesome and Simple Looks for Life with Coconut Oil, Drugstore Makeup, Anti Aging Makeup and Style Ideas for the Coming Year - https://www.thegoddess.com/best-beauty-tips-2017/

Looking for amazing skincare tricks, easy makeup hacks and the best beauty tips for 2017? We’ve got you covered with tips and tutorials for all different faces. Step by step guides for awesome and simple looks for everyday life with coconut oil, drugstore makeup, anti aging makeup and style Ideas for the coming year.

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