25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today

Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today - Easy Tips and Guides for a Great Natural Look for School or Everyday - A Tutorial for Any Kind of Style, from Dark Skin or Pale Skin to Looks for Asian, African American and Latina Styles, to Looks for Blue, Green and Brown Eyes - thegoddess.com/no-makeup-looks

What’s this no-makeup look hype all about? Finally the look that lets your natural beauty shine through with hardly any makeup at all. It can be a bit of a challenge but we’ve got all the best tips for you to nail this look. Whether you want to look like some of the top celebrities or just want a great tutorial for some natural skin care, you have to check these guides out. Continue reading “25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today”

31 Easy 10 Minute Makeup Ideas for Work

Easy 10 Minute Makeup Ideas for Work - Simple And DIY Beauty Ideas And Make Up For Everyday Work Events To Get You Ready Quickly And Easily. Ideas For Different Faces, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, and Different Skin Colors - http://thegoddess.com/easy-makeup-ideas-for-work

Looking for easy and quick makeup ideas for work??  We found some of the best tips and tricks for easy makeup routines that can be done in 10 minutes or less.  Some girls, want to always go the extra mile and put real effort to their faces, some put on real effort to make it look like they didn’t put anything on.  This article is for women who are looking for simple DIY makeup ideas that you can throw together before work.  Want to see how? Let’s scroll down!

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33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired

33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired - Eye Bags and Oily Skin? Check Out These Makeup Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired. Great Tips, Beauty Products and How Tos for All Types of Faces - thegoddess.com/makeup-tips-look-less-tired

Are you a hustler that is almost always too busy to get a good night’s sleep? We’ve got you covered with these great makeup tips and tricks to make you look less tired.  Do you feel like you are always tired and it shows through your face however you want to hide it? True enough situations come when we are required to do too much and we let a good night’s sleep or rest set at the corner until we are ready to talk and face them. Good news is, with the right trick and tips, you can look cheerful, awake, less tired and sane – cheating the 8 hours sleep you’ve been missing this whole time. So what are you supposed to do and what are these tricks and tips? Sit back, relax and scroll down for you to know. Continue reading “33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired”