39 Brow Shaping Tutorials

Brow Shaping Tutorials - Awesome Makeup Tips for How To Get Beautiful Arches, Amazing Eye Looks and Perfect Eyebrows - Make Up Products and Beauty Tricks for All Different Hair Colors along with Guides for Different Eyeshadows - thegoddess.com/brow-shaping-tutorials

Are you looking for the best brow shaping tutorials on the web?  Eyebrows will tell everything about you. Get to know your face shape and and pick up your own preference to achieve your dreamed eyebrows. This is your perfect guide in getting tips for perfect brows, spot your own face shape and give more impact to your facial definition. Your beauty will blend perfectly to the techniques used when proper procedure is applied.

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34 Makeup Tutorials For Small Eyes

Makeup Tutorials For Small Eyes - Easy Step By Step Guides On How to Apply Eyeliner and Get Perfect Lashes and Brows and How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger - Beauty Tips for All Different Faces - Eyebrows and Cut Crease Youtube Videos for Girls - thegoddess.com/makeup-tutorials-small-eyes

Not all of us are born with big, bright eyes, but with a little touch up here and there, any girl can look more alert, friendly and feminine. Check out our top picks for the best makeup tutorials for small eyes. We think smaller eyes look beautiful, but sometimes you want to really show them off. This easy list covers eyeliner make up beauty tips and how to apply different eyeshadows, as well as various shades and styles that are trending and super hot right now.

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32 Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners

Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners - Step By Step Tutorial Guides For Beginners with Green, Hazel, Blue and For Brown Eyes - Matte, Natural and Everyday Looks That Are Sure to Impress - Even an Awesoem Video on a Dramatic but Easy Smokey Look - thegoddess.com/eyeshadow-tutorials-beginner

Eye shadow can be tricky, but we’ve got some awesome eyeshadow tutorials for beginners. Simple step by step guides for how to apply a smokey look that works great, whether you have brown, green, hazel eyes or even blues. Dark skin? Not a problem, we’ve got a look for that. Looking for easy videos on how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes, or maybe shadows with hints of gold or pink? We’ve got that too. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Continue reading “32 Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners”

38 Makeup Ideas for Prom

Makeup Ideas For Prom - These Are The Best Makeup Ideas For Prom and Homecoming For Women With Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, or Green Eyes. These Step By Step Makeup Ideas Include Natural and Glitter Eyeshadows and Go Great With Gold, Silver, Yellow, And Pink Dresses. Try These And Our Step By Step Tutorials With Red Lipsticks and Unique Contouring To Help Blondes and Brunettes Get That Vintage Look. - thegoddess.com/makeup-ideas-prom

With the end of semester right around the corner, we’ve got some awesome makeup ideas for prom just for you. Whether you have blue eyes or brown, gold themed or silver, natural beauty or glitter like whoa, we have some ideas for you. Awesome eyeshadow guides for green and hazel eyes are here, as well as some awesome contouring tutorials for blondes. You obviously won’t be able to fit all of these in for prom, but no worries, you can save them for homecoming 😉 Continue reading “38 Makeup Ideas for Prom”

35 Best Eyeliner Tutorials

Best Eyeliner Tutorials - Simple And DIY Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners. Includes Everyday Looks For Natural Eyes, Winged Eyeliner, Pencil, Felt, Liquid, and Gel Eyeliner Tips. Ideas For Small Eyes, Large Eyes, Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Hazel Eyes, and Green Eyes - http://thegoddess.com/best-eyeliner-tutorials

Have you been searching for the absolute best eyeliner tutorials that will actually show you step by step how to pull off the look you want?

How often do you use an eyeliner?  When liquid eyeliners came into the world, the internet broke out with different versions of the best eyeliner tutorials. And now that everybody seems to be over it, (and because the ever creative make-up artists) people are now looking for different eyeliner styles they can rock. By now you’ve probably heard of double winged eyeliner, graphic lines, cat eye, glittering eyeliner, smokey eyeliner, classic eyeliner short flicked eyeliner and the list goes on. But what’s fun about having to do the eyeliner make-up is that, there are so many styles and looks you can choose from, and there are so many tricks to achieve the looks you wanted. Today, we are showing you how to do level up your liners whether you are using eyeliner brush, pen, gel, tattoo, liquid and pencil! Continue reading “35 Best Eyeliner Tutorials”

25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today

Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today - Easy Tips and Guides for a Great Natural Look for School or Everyday - A Tutorial for Any Kind of Style, from Dark Skin or Pale Skin to Looks for Asian, African American and Latina Styles, to Looks for Blue, Green and Brown Eyes - thegoddess.com/no-makeup-looks

What’s this no-makeup look hype all about? Finally the look that lets your natural beauty shine through with hardly any makeup at all. It can be a bit of a challenge but we’ve got all the best tips for you to nail this look. Whether you want to look like some of the top celebrities or just want a great tutorial for some natural skin care, you have to check these guides out. Continue reading “25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today”

27 Ways to Get the Best Eyelashes EVER

Ways to Get the Best Eyelashes Ever - Step By Step Tutorials for DIY Eyelashes, Drugstore and Name Brand Products. Includes Natural, Fake, False, and Extensions Tutorials. These are Quick And Easy And Simple. You Can Use A Curler, Glue, Serum, And Primer. Beauty Tips and Tricks, Instructions Makeup - Mascara and eyelash and eyelashes - http://thegoddess.com/get-best-eyelashes

Have you been trying to find step by step tutorials showing you how to get the best eyelashes ever?

It’s every girl’s dream to have gorgeous lashes! Falsies are now a trend and is already a part of a girls life just because we want really badly to look like we have beautiful, luscious, gorgeous eyelashes!  But really, what are the step by step ways we can achieve the best, healthy looking lashes and upgrade our lash game? Whether you want to do it naturally, or do some magic, instant trick with eyelash extensions, serums, curlers, here are 27 ways to help you get the best eyelashes you deserve to have! Continue reading “27 Ways to Get the Best Eyelashes EVER”

29 Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorials

Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorials - Step by Step Tutorials on How to Apply Different Eyeshadows for Smokey Eyes - Awesome Looks for Brown, Black, and Blue Eyes, Natural Looks, and Looks for All Types of Lashes - thegoddess.com/step-by-step-smokey-eye

Have you been searching for the best step by step smokey eye tutorials? Smokey eye looks really sexy, and whatever color you want to put on, you can always do a smokey eye with it.  This is no problem if you have hooded eyes too!  So get your eye-shadow pallets,  and together let’s see how a smokey eye is done step by step. You’ll know it looks really good on brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes and so on! We’ll even show you how to do it on glitter shadows. These even work with different types of lashes so let’s see how you can get that smokey eye look with the help of a little makeup. Continue reading “29 Step by Step Smokey Eye Tutorials”

34 Sexy Eye Makeup Tutorials

Sexy Eye Makeup Tutorials - Easy Guides on How To Do Smokey Looks and Look like one of the Linda Hallberg Bombshells - Sexy Looks for Brown, Blue, Hazel and Green Eyes - Dramatic Looks For Blondes and Brunettes - thegoddess.com/sexy-eye-makeup-tutorials

Got a date coming up? Have we got some sexy eye makeup tutorials for you! There are millions of ways to express how sexy you are, but we all know looks can kill and each tutorial in here has some amazing looks. Whether it’s smokey Urban Decay looks or easy blue eyed bombshells for blondes, or natural green, hazel and brown eyed looks, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading “34 Sexy Eye Makeup Tutorials”

31 MUST SEE Eyebrow Tutorials

Must See Eyebrow Tutorials - Easy Step By Step Eyebrow Tutorials For Beginners, Including Tips And Video On Fill In, Shaping, and Plucking. These Are Great For The Natural Look, For The Anastasia Look, For Blonde Hair, African American Women, And Will Get That Perfect Look, Simple And Easy - http://thegoddess.com/must-see-eyebrow-tutorials

Are you looking for some must see eyebrow tutorials?  How do you do your brows? There are tons of ways to do a girl’s eyebrows. There are girls who want to trim their bushy eyebrows and make it look more likely in order, and there are those who wants to make it look like they have fuller brows because basically, they have #noBrows.

But hey! We live in a time where anything is possible! We’re now able to go to the moon and back so your brows are no problem nowadays! Have you seen the different eyebrow tutorials to make any eyebrow look gorgeous? Eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow waxing, microblading, threading, we got all these here. We’ll show you the best ones the internet went crazy about and we’ll help you decide on which ones you’ll like for your personal taste. Enjoy! Continue reading “31 MUST SEE Eyebrow Tutorials”