34 Matte Makeup Tutorials

Matte Makeup Tutorials - Awesome Foundation and Polish Tutorial Guides with Drugstore Product Recommendations For Oily Skin or for a Natural look. The Best Eyeshadow Looks for the Wedding or Prom - Great Ideas and Guides For Black Women as well - thegoddess.com/matte-makeup-tutorials

Searching for a hot new matte makeup look? Search no further! We’ve got some of the best matte makeup tutorials for foundation and eyeshadow products,  natural guides for oily skin, drugstore makeup that is perfect for the wedding or prom and a ton more. Check it out! Continue reading “34 Matte Makeup Tutorials”

25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today

Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today - Easy Tips and Guides for a Great Natural Look for School or Everyday - A Tutorial for Any Kind of Style, from Dark Skin or Pale Skin to Looks for Asian, African American and Latina Styles, to Looks for Blue, Green and Brown Eyes - thegoddess.com/no-makeup-looks

What’s this no-makeup look hype all about? Finally the look that lets your natural beauty shine through with hardly any makeup at all. It can be a bit of a challenge but we’ve got all the best tips for you to nail this look. Whether you want to look like some of the top celebrities or just want a great tutorial for some natural skin care, you have to check these guides out. Continue reading “25 Easy No-Makeup Looks to Try Today”

DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax

DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax - Step by Step Simple and Easy Natural Sugaring Wax Hair Removal. Great for natural skin, pale skin, light hair, dark hair. Remove Hair Naturally and at home. This tutorial is very quick and actually works.

Looking for a natural DIY tutorial for removing hair from your body?  This sugar wax works wonders for removing hair without chemicals.  This step by step tutorial is extremely easy and cheap!  This is perfect for people with sensitive skin or that are allergic to chemical removers.  The ingredients are completely natural and you can probably find them around your house right now.  Give this a try today! Continue reading “DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax”

Get Rid of Blackheads DIY Peel Off Mask

Get-Rid-of-Blackheads-DIY-Peel-Off-Mask-featured-Image - step by step blackhead DIY natural face peel remover. Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, white skin, fair skin, acne treatment, natural clear pores.

Love getting rid of blackheads using Biore strips but hate paying that much money?  You need to try getting rid of blackheads with this super simple, DIY Peel Off Mask!  This is perfect for acne prone, oily and normal skin.  It gets rid of blackheads with ingredients that are natural and will help you keep your pores clear and your skin looking great.  This DIY peel off face mask tutorial is step by step and actually works! Continue reading “Get Rid of Blackheads DIY Peel Off Mask”

How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally At Home

Looking for a simple, step by step DIY way to remove your facial hair naturally?  This is a really easy to make homeade mask and easy to do facial hair remover that actually works.  It is made of completely natural ingredients like coconut oil and wholemeal flour and works quickly without damaging or hurting your skin.  This will help you look remove those unwanted and unnecessary little hairs on your lip or cheeks.  This home remedy is amazing, so give it a try today! Continue reading “How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally At Home”

33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired

33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired - Eye Bags and Oily Skin? Check Out These Makeup Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired. Great Tips, Beauty Products and How Tos for All Types of Faces - thegoddess.com/makeup-tips-look-less-tired

Are you a hustler that is almost always too busy to get a good night’s sleep? We’ve got you covered with these great makeup tips and tricks to make you look less tired.  Do you feel like you are always tired and it shows through your face however you want to hide it? True enough situations come when we are required to do too much and we let a good night’s sleep or rest set at the corner until we are ready to talk and face them. Good news is, with the right trick and tips, you can look cheerful, awake, less tired and sane – cheating the 8 hours sleep you’ve been missing this whole time. So what are you supposed to do and what are these tricks and tips? Sit back, relax and scroll down for you to know. Continue reading “33 Makeup Tips and Tricks To Make You Look Less Tired”

38 Easy Eye Shadow Looks

Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners - Natural And Simple Step By Step Tutorials For Beginners With Brown Eyes, Hazel Eyes, Dark Skin, Light Skin, And Even Those Baby Blues. How To Apply Eyeshadow For Smokey Eyes And Green Eyes and Cute Crease - https://www.thegoddess.com/eyeshadow-tutorials-for-beginners

Are you just starting to learn how to weave magic in your eyes? Check out these great eyeshadow tutorials for beginners. Sure the shimmering, sweet, glaring, fierce and hot look an eye can give when transformed by eyeshadows are phenomenal. It has changed how woman run the world with more confidence and boldness. If you are a novice to this game, then here is your chance to learn how to flutter magic to your or your girl’s personality! We’ve listed the easiest eyeshadow tutorials that though easy, aren’t corrupted with glamour so all our Goddess girls would look glammed by a glam team even while still learning this craft. All these tutorials are on video and you can play them over and over again until your heart’s content. Continue reading “38 Easy Eye Shadow Looks”

41 Nail Art Ideas for Coffin Nails

Nail Art Ideas For Coffin Nails - Easy, Step-By-Step Design For Coffin Nails, Including Grey, Matte Black, And Great Bling For Instagram Ideas. Includes Everything From Kylie Jenner Ideas To Nailart For Short Nails, Long Nails, And Beautiful Shape And Colour Like Pink. Polish For Jade, Glitter, And Even Negative Space - https://www.thegoddess.com/nail-ideas-coffin-nails

Do you find coffin nails fit you and your style better than any other nail types? Check out our top ideas for coffin nails. Are you looking for some hip, cool, lovely, beautiful glamourous coffin nail art you can rock everyday? Even when you are looking for a glam style you can wear to attend a special event, this article is focused for all you girls out there that loves coffin nails.

Continue reading “41 Nail Art Ideas for Coffin Nails”

30 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides - Romantic make up ideas for the wedding - Natural and Airbrush techniques that look great with blue, green and brown eyes - rusti evening glow looks - https://www.thegoddess.com/wedding-makeup-for-brides

In search of some romantic makeup ideas for the wedding? We’ve got 30 wedding makeup ideas for brides from natural and airbrush techniques that look great with blue, green and brown eyes, to rustic and vintage evening glow looks. Check out these easy ideas for wedding makeup and step by step tutorials for the big day!

Continue reading “30 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides”

41 Lob Haircut Ideas for Women

41 Lob Haircut Ideas For Women - What is a lob? Step by step easy tutorials on how to cut your hair for a lob haircut and amazing ideas for layered, and straight lobs. Ideas for lobs with bangs, thick hair, wavy and thin hair. For long hair and medium hair. For round faces and sharp features - thegoddess.com/lob-haircut-ideas-women

Looking for the most amazing lob haircut ideas for women?  At some point we all want to try out the Lob to see if it’s a great fit for us.  For blondes, brunettes, thick hair or thin hair, the Lob is a great way for you to make your medium length hair stand out.  Not only does the Lob work for different face shapes, it’s also one of the most trending hairstyles right now.  Try a messy bob or a curly bob, or any of these step by step tutorials that will walk you through how to add your own flair.  These Lob Haircut Ideas for Women

Continue reading “41 Lob Haircut Ideas for Women”