38 Beauty Hacks for Teens

Beauty Hacks for Teens- Eye Makeup Tricks - DIY Makeup Tips and Hacks for Skin, Hairstyles, Acne, Bras and Everything in Between - Pictures and Video Tutorials for Girls of All Shapes and Sizes Whether You're Fit or Want to Lose Weight - Get in Shape for Summer with These Awesome Ideas - thegoddess.com/beauty-hacks-teens

Are you looking for the best beauty hacks for teens?  Whether you are more of a DIY girl or just looking for some new looks or makeup tutorials and tips that are getting attention at schools around the country, this is list has you covered.  Try the skin and makeup tutorials to help with acne and blemishes and check out the hairstyles that girls are using to make their fashion statement this year.  Some of these are step by step and some are more general in nature but see which ones work for you and can fit into your morning makeup routine.  Remember, beauty hacks are supposed to save you time so keep that in mind.

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41 Best Beauty Products to Make at Home

Best Beauty Products to Make at Home - Simple DIY Recipes and Tutorials for Essential Oils, Shaving Cream, Sugar Scrubs, Body Butter, Bath Bombs and Hand Soaps - Natural Anti Aging Remedies That Use Aloe Vera, Baking Soda, Water, Coonut Milk and more! -

Are you looking for the best beauty products to make at home to save some money and time?  Are you a DIY make-up enthusiast? Some days we really want to go to a salon, pamper ourselves and relax. But then most of the days, we can’t afford to go to a salon to spend money and time!  How nice would it be to just be able to beautify yourself and do house chores at the same time right? And because of that, re-inventions of beauty products at home are the bomb nowadays! So what are these beauty products you can make at home and how are they beneficial to you? Here are really cool DIY tutorials you can make use of and you won’t need a salon expert to do this to you as you can apply them yourself!  Most of them use household products like baking soda or lemon to help you achieve a more natural skincare routine.  For the most part, they are also simple and some are even vegan.  Let’s take a look!

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21 Awesome Tips For Taking Care Of Your Highlights

Awesome Tips For Taking Care Of Your Highlights - articlespecifictitle - Highlights Maintenance For Every Hair Color, For Long Hair, Short Hair, and Medium Hair. These Tips Are Step By Step, Easy, and The Tutorials Will Help You Maintain That Beautiful Hair For Every Event, Whether You Have Brown Hair, Blonde Hair, or Brunette - http://thegoddess.com/taking-care-of-highlights

Looking for some tips on taking care of your highlights? Do you color your hair often? You might have heard how coloring your hair can be damaging it. But have you heard of making your hair healthy while on color? Yes you read it right. Coloring your hair does not mean you have totally damaged it and that’s a dead end because you can do something about it. We color our hair to look confidently beautiful but if your highlights are unhealthy, that just defeated the whole purpose. So how do you make your hair lush with color and maintain a healthy hair? Scroll down below to find out! Continue reading “21 Awesome Tips For Taking Care Of Your Highlights”

35 Detox Water Recipes for Health and Weight Loss

Detox Water Recipes for Health and Weight Loss - Detox Water Recipies For Weight Loss, For Tummy Shrinking, For Skin, For Cleanses, For Fat Burning, And That Are Simple And Have Huge Health Benefits. Ideas Can Include Strawberry, Lemon, And Any Fruit. These Are DIY, Step By Step, Simple, Easy, And Work for Weight Loss And Acne. - http://thegoddess.com/detox-water-recipes-health-weight-loss

Looking for Detox water recipes for health and weight loss?  We have gone all over the web and found the 35 best detox water recipes for weight loss to get that flat tummy.  These detox waters help you get and stay healthy by burning fat and cleansing your internal organs.  They also help with keeping the fat off with healthy cleanses that are DIY for energy by boosting your metabolism.

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DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax

DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax - Step by Step Simple and Easy Natural Sugaring Wax Hair Removal. Great for natural skin, pale skin, light hair, dark hair. Remove Hair Naturally and at home. This tutorial is very quick and actually works.

Looking for a natural DIY tutorial for removing hair from your body?  This sugar wax works wonders for removing hair without chemicals.  This step by step tutorial is extremely easy and cheap!  This is perfect for people with sensitive skin or that are allergic to chemical removers.  The ingredients are completely natural and you can probably find them around your house right now.  Give this a try today! Continue reading “DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax”