41 Best Beauty Hacks Ever Created

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Let’s talk about ‘life-changing’ beauty hacks for a minute.  My life has felt like a whirlwind between work, writing, parties, dinner with friends, personal life time, family trips, and hobbies.  I literally can’t find enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.  As a result, I have tried so hard to minimize my makeup and hair routine every day.  At first, I started looking up short cuts that would save a few minutes here and there, and then it started to become this challenge where I wanted to get as efficient and cheap as possible while maintaining my look.

As I got better and better at cutting my routines down, I started getting sort of addicted to finding more and more beauty hacks for my hair and makeup.  Turns out there are tons of bloggers and sites that cover ‘best beauty hacks for makeup’ or ‘best beauty hacks for hair’.  Unfortunately, a bunch of them are crap.  I know this because I tried them (most of them, some were insane.  See: wasabi lip pumping).  However, I have found a bunch of awesome tricks that I think are worth sharing with you.  Did you know that you can use contour to give your cleavage a little boost?  Did you know you can do the same thing with your arms to make them look toned.  You can even apply foundation and contour to your legs if you are trying to hide your knees.  

Finally, whether you want to save money, or just want to save time (like me), the ultimate beauty hack is anything that helps with anti-aging and staying wrinkle free as long as possible.  I was sure to include some remedies I have found for acne and scarring.  Anyways, I am super excited about these beauty hacks and I think you’re gonna love them too.  I made a pin at the bottom of the article that you can use to bookmark some of these ideas for when you are ready to give these a try. Maybe on Sunday at brunch when you have bags under your eyes and don’t want to look hungover : ).

1. Natural Beauty Strawberry Hack – Whiten Teeth in 2 Minutes

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Best Beauty Hacks Ever Created - Whiten Your Teeth Naturally With Strawberries - Tips And Tricks For Skin Care, Make Up, Style, And Products Every Girl Should Try At Least Once In Life. Easy, Cute, Step By Step Tutorials -

I am so sick of hearing about how Lemon will whiten your teeth.  More like rot your teeth and ruin your enamel.  I found this incredibly simple and natural way to whiten my teeth and it has the added benefit of softening my lips a bit. I have been using this stuff for a little over a month and it has helped with my coffee teeth significantly.  I much prefer to use the malic acid that is found in strawberries than going to the dentist and paying hundreds of dollars to get some chemicals that burn and hurt shoved into my mouth.

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