31 Easy 10 Minute Makeup Ideas for Work

Easy 10 Minute Makeup Ideas for Work - Simple And DIY Beauty Ideas And Make Up For Everyday Work Events To Get You Ready Quickly And Easily. Ideas For Different Faces, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, and Different Skin Colors - http://thegoddess.com/easy-makeup-ideas-for-work

Looking for easy and quick makeup ideas for work??  We found some of the best tips and tricks for easy makeup routines that can be done in 10 minutes or less.  Some girls, want to always go the extra mile and put real effort to their faces, some put on real effort to make it look like they didn’t put anything on.  This article is for women who are looking for simple DIY makeup ideas that you can throw together before work.  Want to see how? Let’s scroll down!

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41 Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks

Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks - Easy DIY Ideas, Tips, And Tutorials For Nail Art Hacks. Every Girl Needs To Try These Awesome Ideas For Glitter, That Go Great With Makeup That Is Simple And It Works. These Hacks Are Step By Step And Easy And Clever - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-hacks

Awesome nail art doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these easy DIY nail art hacks. Looking for that easy ombre? What about quick polka dots using only a bandaid? We’ve gathered the most awesome ideas, tips, and tutorials we could find. Simple makeup ideas for every girl. Continue reading “41 Creatively Clever Nail Art Hacks”

35 Detox Water Recipes for Health and Weight Loss

Detox Water Recipes for Health and Weight Loss - Detox Water Recipies For Weight Loss, For Tummy Shrinking, For Skin, For Cleanses, For Fat Burning, And That Are Simple And Have Huge Health Benefits. Ideas Can Include Strawberry, Lemon, And Any Fruit. These Are DIY, Step By Step, Simple, Easy, And Work for Weight Loss And Acne. - http://thegoddess.com/detox-water-recipes-health-weight-loss

Looking for Detox water recipes for health and weight loss?  We have gone all over the web and found the 35 best detox water recipes for weight loss to get that flat tummy.  These detox waters help you get and stay healthy by burning fat and cleansing your internal organs.  They also help with keeping the fat off with healthy cleanses that are DIY for energy by boosting your metabolism.

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41 Best Hair Braiding Tutorials

Best Hair Braiding Tutorials - Step By Step Easy Hair Braiding Tutorials For Long Hair, Pony Tails, Medium Hair, Short Hair, and For Women and Kids. Videos and Ideas for Dutch Braids, Messy Buns, Fishtail Braids, French Braids, Black Hair, Blondes, And Even For Headbands - http://thegoddess.com/best-hair-braiding-tutorials

Looking for the best hair braiding tutorials?  We have looked all over for the most step by step and easy tutorials the web has to offer.  Some of these are for short hair, some are better for medium length, shoulder length hair and long hair because there is more to work with.  Whether you are looking for the triple braided bun, the fishtail, a Dutch braid, French braid, or simple ideas for updo’s or half ups with braids, we have you covered.

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41 Best Nail Art Ideas for Brides

Best Nail Art Ideas for Brides - Nude and Floral Nails - Simpe, Cute, DIY NailArt Tutorials That Are Step By Step For Brides. Everything From The Wedding Manicure To French Tips To Simple Sparkle and Bling For The Ring Finger. These Are Super Fun And Super Easy. - http://thegoddess.com/nail-art-ideas-for-brides

Looking for the best wedding nails? You have probably seen our list of Wedding Nail Art but you don’t think we are done with it do you? When we did that list, we were sooo in love with the nail arts we wanted to show you more! And this time, we are giving you the BEST wedding nail art we found around the web!

So if you are prepping for your own wedding, you can find really great designs you can choose from this list and these wedding nail arts will surely blow your mind! Yes! It is another long list of creative nail arts from simple to grand ideas! We’ve got nail arts here that fits every type of nails; short, long, coffin – you name them, we got ’em! Are you excited! Let’s go!

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37 Best Korean Makeup Tutorials

Best Korean Makeup Tutorials - Natural Step By Step Tutorials For Ulzzang, Pony, Puppy Eyes, Eyeshadows, Kpop, Eyebrows, Eyeliner and even Hairstyles. Super Cute DIY And Easy Contouring, Foundation, and Simple Dewy Skin Help For Beginners - http://thegoddess.com/best-korean-makeup-tutorials

Looking for some Korean makeup tutorials to match that Kpop style? Want to get those super cute puppy eyes. Check out these awesome tutorials we handpicked, with step by step guides for eyebrows and eyeshadow and how to master that ulzzang look. Whether it’s simple pony hairstyles and kawaii looks for lips and dewy skin, we’ve god it all. Continue reading “37 Best Korean Makeup Tutorials”

37 Easy Hairstyles for Work

Easy Hairstyles for Work - Quick and Easy Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl. Great Ideas For Medium Hair, Long Hair, Short Hair, The Undo and Shoulder Length Hair. DIY And Step By Step - https://www.thegoddess.com/easy-hairstyles-for-work

Looking to pick up some new easy hairstyles for work? They said there are only two types of people on earth; one that sets 1 alarm on and immediately wakes up to it, the other sets all 7 alarms on and snoozes them all. If you are the latter, then your hair needs serious help everyday! If this is the case, do not fret! Whatever your hair type is, here are really chic and easy hairstyles you can easily brush up for those days you did not forget to snooze all your 7 alarms! Scroll down and start stylin’!

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Glam Smokey Eyes – Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Looking for a step by step tutorial that shows you how to get those Glam Smokey Eyes?  Here is a super simple and super easy guide to getting those smokey eyes for brown eyes.  This could also work for green eyes or blue eyes but it’s designed to make brown eyes specifically pop!  This tutorial also shows you how to use eyebrow shadow primer, and eyelid base to contour the skin around the eye.  With the help of some primer, some concealer, and some bronzer, you too can get the natural smokey eye look!

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DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax

DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax - Step by Step Simple and Easy Natural Sugaring Wax Hair Removal. Great for natural skin, pale skin, light hair, dark hair. Remove Hair Naturally and at home. This tutorial is very quick and actually works.

Looking for a natural DIY tutorial for removing hair from your body?  This sugar wax works wonders for removing hair without chemicals.  This step by step tutorial is extremely easy and cheap!  This is perfect for people with sensitive skin or that are allergic to chemical removers.  The ingredients are completely natural and you can probably find them around your house right now.  Give this a try today! Continue reading “DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax”

Get Rid of Blackheads DIY Peel Off Mask

Get-Rid-of-Blackheads-DIY-Peel-Off-Mask-featured-Image - step by step blackhead DIY natural face peel remover. Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, white skin, fair skin, acne treatment, natural clear pores.

Love getting rid of blackheads using Biore strips but hate paying that much money?  You need to try getting rid of blackheads with this super simple, DIY Peel Off Mask!  This is perfect for acne prone, oily and normal skin.  It gets rid of blackheads with ingredients that are natural and will help you keep your pores clear and your skin looking great.  This DIY peel off face mask tutorial is step by step and actually works! Continue reading “Get Rid of Blackheads DIY Peel Off Mask”