33 Best Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes -Easy Step By Step Beginners Guide for Natural Simple Looks, Looks With Blonde Hair Colour and Fair Skin, Smokey Looks and Looks for Prom https://www.thegoddess.com/makeup-tutorials-blue-eyes

Looking for easy step by step beginners guides and makeup tutorials for blue eyes?  If your baby blues are your best feature (and we know they are!) you should definitely learn how to play them up even more to your advantage. We have compiled the best and most simple tutorials and videos for women who want those beautiful natural blue eyes to pop for spring, summer, prom, graduation, and even the wedding this summer!

Getting married? We have you covered with some awesome looks that are perfect for bridal makeup. No matter what the occasion, these makeup ideas are some of the best around for blue eyes. If you have that classic blonde hair and blue eyes look, or you have short hair or medium hair or the rare brunette with blue eyes look, we have tutorials for everyone to look like a Goddess!  Continue reading “33 Best Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes”

22 Best Beauty Tips for 2017

22 Best Beauty Tips for 2017 -The Best Ever Skincare and Makeup Tips for all different faces -Awesome and Simple Looks for Life with Coconut Oil, Drugstore Makeup, Anti Aging Makeup and Style Ideas for the Coming Year - https://www.thegoddess.com/best-beauty-tips-2017/

Looking for amazing skincare tricks, easy makeup hacks and the best beauty tips for 2017? We’ve got you covered with tips and tutorials for all different faces. Step by step guides for awesome and simple looks for everyday life with coconut oil, drugstore makeup, anti aging makeup and style Ideas for the coming year.

Pinterest beauty hacks? We got ’em (and even tried a few, you will love them!) Quick tips for when you are running late for work or school? We have you covered. Find the best beauty tips for 2017 right here…. Continue reading “22 Best Beauty Tips for 2017”

Natural DIY Face Peel for The Clearest Skin Ever!

Love making beauty products at home? If so, you absolutely have to try this recipe for homemade organic face peel. Perfect for both normal and oily, acne prone skin, this natural mask removes impurities and leaves your skin glowing and looking healthy. Made from ingredients you probably already have on hand at home, this DIY face peel works so well, you will want to use it every week. Continue reading “Natural DIY Face Peel for The Clearest Skin Ever!”

31 Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes

31 Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes -Great Step by Step Tutorials and Videos for Beginners and Ideas for Makeup for Brown Eyes -Natural Everyday Looks -Smokey Prom and Wedding Looks -Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Looks for night thegoddess.com/makeup-tutorials-brown-eyes

Looking for easy step by step makeup tutorials for brown eyes?  We have scoured the web for the best tutorials for multiple categories: Beginners, Natural, Prom, Wedding, Night out with the Girls, and Teens.  You will love the ideas presented here with everything from Natural looks to Smokey eyes to those everyday simple brown eye looks that you need in a pinch. Continue reading “31 Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes”

25 Easy Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Tutorials For Prom

Half Up and Half Down Hairstyles for Prom -Hairdos and Updo's for Short, Medium Length and Long hair - Great hair styles and Beauty for Prom Wedding Bride, Veils, Crown Braids, and Hair Accessories for Twists. thegoddess.com/hairstyles-prom-half-up-half-down

Looking for easy half-up half-down hairstyle tutorials for prom? Whether its for short, for medium or for long hair, the half up and half down hair do is a great way to look fabulous quickly and easily. Up Down do’s come in a variety of styles and can be simple or complicated, with braids or without, and work for prom, weddings, graduation and back to school. Continue reading “25 Easy Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Tutorials For Prom”

50 Perfect Makeup Tutorials for Green Eyes

50 makeup tutorials for green eyes - amazing green eye makeup tutorials for work for prom for weddings for every day easy step by step diy guide for beautiful natural look- thegoddess.com/makeup-tutorials-green-eyes

Green eyes are the rarest and we’ve got some perfect makeup tutorials for green eyes. From simple and cute eyeshadow looks to dramatic and smokey looks, looks for work, for weddings, for prom, for the evening and just natural looks, check out these 50 step by step tutorials to find out what color eye shadow for green eyes is best. Continue reading “50 Perfect Makeup Tutorials for Green Eyes”